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Tiger and Charlie Woods card opening on the PNC Championship

After ending runner-up lastly 12 months’ PNC Championship, two once more of John Daly and John Daly II, the father-son duo of Tiger and Charlie Woods set its sights on chasing a title this weekend at Ritz-Carlton GC open air Orlando.

Crew Woods delivered on expectations inside the opening spherical, carding a 13-under 59 to enter Sunday’s final spherical in a tie for second, two once more of chief Crew Thomas. The daddy-son duo of Justin Thomas and his dad Mike, having fun with alongside Crew Woods on Saturday, carded 15-under 57 inside the opening spherical.

Crew Woods caught hearth with eight consecutive birdies or greater on Nos. 4-11, carding seven birdies along with an eagle on the par 5 fifths. The day was full of smiles, fist bumps, and membership twirls, along with some good-natured needling between the Woods and Thomas duos.

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Here’s a hole-by-hole breakdown of how Crew Woods navigated Saturday’s opening spherical on the PNC Championship.

Hole 18 (par 5, 557/500 yards)

Tiger pulls the driving drive on the day’s final hole and flushes it down the center of the inexperienced, providing a possibility to get residence in two on the reachable par 5.

From 242 yards, Tiger pulls an prolonged iron and produces an extreme discount that tracks in direction of the left nook of the inexperienced. He leans in anticipation as a result of the ball sails via the air; it catches the inexperienced, releases, and settles to go away a 25-foot eagle attempt.

With no intention of leaving the eagle attempt temporary, Charlie’s putt has a great deal of tempo nevertheless slides by on the left side, working out Eight ft earlier to the cup. Like son, like a father; Tiger’s eagle putt moreover misses left and runs out, leaving 6 ft for birdie. No picnic for Crew Woods on the last word inexperienced.

As he has all day, Charlie putts first, and he delivers to close out the spherical. His birdie putt falls into the cup, left-center, and he picks up his dad’s coin accordingly. A closing birdie and a 13-under 59 for Crew Woods.

Crew Thomas makes a birdie for a 15-under 57 and a two-stroke lead over Crew Woods and Crew Singh into Sunday’s final spherical.

Crew Woods 13-under through 18

Hole 17 (par 3, 168 yards)

Charlie performs an extreme discount on an aggressive line and executes an accurate golf shot, the ball landing tender roughly 20 ft beneath the outlet. Tiger tugs his tee shot barely left; it bounces inside the fringe and trickles into an adjoining water hazard.

Charlie places first on the right-to-left bender and produces a clear stroke with good tempo, nevertheless, the ball drifts merely to the left, and correctly inside tap-in varies. Tiger’s putt tells the an identical story, missing barely left of the outlet. Routine par for Crew Woods on the penultimate hole of the day.

The opening is simply not full with out Tiger displaying some prankster ethos; he takes the flagstick and pretends to attempt to journey having fun with confederate Justin Thomas with it. Crew Thomas (14-under) is in the intervening time most important the sphere, in any case. Keep Justin and Mike on their toes.

Crew Woods 12-under through 17

Hole 16 (par 4, 425/375 yards)

Tiger pulls the motive force and uncorks a magnificence down the left side of the inexperienced, opening points up for Charlie to play aggressively from the forward tee. Charlie takes the motive force and makes a daring strike, nevertheless, the ball drifts correctly and finds the adjoining water hazard.

From 125 yards, Charlie performs first on technique and asks for it to cut. it could not pretty hear, as a result of the ball lands and settles inside the left fringe, nevertheless merely 25 ft from the outlet. Tiger performs subsequent and has an identical need for it to maneuver left-to-right, nevertheless, the ball flies barely earlier Charlie’s and includes leisure inside the fringe some 40 ft from the outlet.

Having fun with from his private place, Charlie goes first from the perimeter and elects to chip. He employs an aggressive mindset and the ball has a great deal of tempo, nevertheless, it races beforehand the outlet and rolls out to 15 ft. Tiger performs subsequently on an additional conservative tempo; the ball includes leisure 4 ft temporary, leaving a knee-knocker for par.

Charlie’s par putt drops inside the right-center of the cup, and Crew Woods matches Crew Thomas’ par on the outlet, sustaining tempo inside two strokes of the Crew Thomas lead.

Crew Woods 12-under through 16

Hole 15 (par 4, 467/423 yards)

Tiger pulls the motive force and tugs it barely; he wouldn’t catch it cleanly, and it holds up correctly once more of the very best resting place.

That’s the place Charlie is obtainable in. The youthful Woods performs subsequently with the motive force and launches an extreme fade down the center of the inexperienced, flirting with a bunker nevertheless settling just some yards shies. A major place to assault the flag.

Charlie performs first from 140 yards and performs a slight fade that finds the inexperienced nevertheless leaves a chronic birdie to attempt of 35 ft or so. Tiger tugs his technique prolonged and left; the ball settles barely nearer than Charlie’s, nevertheless nonetheless leaving a 25-foot birdie attempt for the workforce.

Having fun with from his dad’s spot, Charlie putts first and is tentative from the get-go, the ball coming to leisure 4 ft temporary. Tiger’s putt has enough tempo nevertheless misses 4 ft left, which suggests the workforce might have some work to keep away from losing its par.

Charlie goes first on the par attempt, and the putt slides correct of the outlet. Tiger is up for the save, though; his slippery par attempt slides into the left side of the cup.

Within the meantime, Crew Thomas makes birdie to maneuver to 14-under through 15; Crew Woods now trails the lead by two.

Crew Woods 12-under through 15

Hole 14 (par 5, 565/526 yards)

Charlie performs first with an extreme fade and a “Fore correct,” nevertheless the ball settles in a strip of powerful merely in want of the bunker, leaving 224 yards into the par 5.

Charlie supplies the inexperienced a go-together with fairway metal, having fun with an extreme discount that finds the inexperienced some 50 yards temporary and correct of the inexperienced. Safely near the inexperienced, this frees up Tiger to play boldly on his technique, and he executes with a crisp cut back and membership twirl; the ball lands on the doorway of the inexperienced, 20 ft from the cup, and stays there. Tiger smiles and elements at his son after the ball settles.

Charlie places first and pulls it barely as a result of the ball misses on the left side and runs out a pair of ft earlier. Tiger’s eagle putt does the exact same; the ball misses comfortably left of the objective. Charlie has no hassle cleaning up the birdie, though, and Crew Woods strikes inside one stroke of the lead, which is now shared by Crew Singh (F) and Crew Thomas (through 14).

Crew Woods 12-under through 14

Hole 13 (par 4, 352/317 yards)

Charlie pulls the motive force in attempt to present the inexperienced a go; he makes sound contact, nevertheless, it is unclear the place the ball ends up.

After prepared for the inexperienced to clear ahead, Tiger pulls the motive force to offer it a go. The ball sails left and seemingly catches a thicket of timber guarding the left side of the inexperienced. The duo jumps inside the cart to drive in direction of its future.

Crew Woods arrives inside the fairway to go looking out Tiger’s ball in pine straw, with a line to the inexperienced nevertheless tree hassle on the backswing. Charlie performs first and hits an accurate pitch to the center of the inexperienced, leaving 25 ft for birdie. “Superior shot,” his dad notes in approval.

This frees up Tiger to take an additional aggressive line over a bunker, and he wouldn’t miss a beat, having fun with an extreme and spinning pitch to inside 7 ft.

Charlie putts first and delivers, the ball discovering the center of the cup. From a doable bogey to a birdie, the Woods duo stays inside two of current chief Crew Singh (with a closing birdie to publish 13-under 59).

Crew Woods 11-under through 13

Hole 12 (par 3, 191/158 yards)

Tiger performs first with a mid-iron that sails prolonged and correct, the ball coming to leisure in a strip of powerful between the perimeter and a water hazard.

Charlie pulls 7-iron and grimaces immediately upon impact sooner than hopping on his correct leg to brace the ache. The ball splashes inside the water hazard to the appropriate of the inexperienced, which suggests a short-game check out may to be required for Crew Woods to flee with par.

On the chip shot from correctly beneath the inserting ground, Tiger judges an extreme flop beautifully, the ball landing on the doorway of the inexperienced and releasing to inside 2 ft. Charlie takes his time on the par attempt to haven’t any hassle. save for Crew Woods, which stands two of the tempo of current chief Crew Singh (12-under through 17).

The par ends Crew Woods’ streak of eight consecutive birdies or greater, three off its report tempo, 11 straight birdies (Nos. 6-17) inside the final spherical of the ultimate 12 months’ PNC Championship.

Crew Woods 10-under through 12

Hole 11 (par 4, 410/375 yards)

Tiger pulls the motive force and maintains the great vibes, launching a pure strike down the left-center of the inexperienced.

Charlie performs first on a wedge technique from 100 yards, producing a managed strike that lands inside 10 ft, merely temporary and correct of the outlet. Tiger follows with a wedge that tracks towards the flag however pulls up some 20 ft briefs.

Crew Woods sticks to its strategy of Charlie inserting first, allowing the elder Woods to overview the break and obtain intelligence accordingly. Charlie takes care of enterprise on the doorway end as a result of the ball holds a great tempo and drops inside the right-center of the cup. One different birdie for the Woods duo.

Crew Woods 10-under through 11

Hole 10 (par 4, 387/355 yards)

From merely 62 yards, the lifeless coronary heart of the inexperienced, Charlie performs first with a flip wedge. He chunks it and is conscious of it immediately; the ball fails to attain the inexperienced, settling inside the entrance fringe.

The goodfactor has an 82-time TOUR winner as his confederate, though, as Tiger confidently strikes a managed wedge that lands inside Three ft of the outlet and stays correct there. A fairway fist bump is exchanged between father and son.

Charlie takes his time on the temporary birdie attempt sooner than draining it, center-cut. Routine birdie for Crew Woods, which is now 8-under all through its last seven holes, making a serious switch up the leaderboard inside the course of.

Crew Woods 9-under through 10

Hole 9 (par 4, 453/389 yards)

After splitting the inexperienced on his tee ball, Charlie performs first from merely 117 yards out. (Tiger didn’t even hit a drive on this hole.) Charlie produces a one-handed commentary via, as a result of the ball lands inside the fringe and settles on the front-right portion of the inexperienced, some 30 ft from the outlet. Tiger performs subsequently and is displeased with the ball flight as a result of it misses in a strip of fairway left of the inexperienced, an identical distance from the outlet as Charlie’s.

The duo selects Charlie’s birdie to attempt from the doorway of the inexperienced, and Charlie performs first. He supplies it a great deal of tempo nevertheless the ball misses correct of the cup, scurrying 6 ft earlier the outlet. Tiger has been heating up on the greens as a result of the day has progressed, and this hole is not any exception, as his well-judged birdie attempt catches the appropriate side of the cup and drops. Birdie for Crew Woods and a front-nine 28, the underside opening 9 by any workforce Saturday — matched shortly thereafter by Crew Thomas.

An enthused Tiger pumps his fist twice and slaps his leg, and Charlie tosses his dad the birdie ball sooner than the duo exchanges a fist bump. Crew Woods is now merely three strokes off the principle tempo of Crew Leonard (11-under through 13).

Crew Woods 8-under through 9

Hole 8 (par 3, 200/170 yards)

Tiger performs first with a 6-iron, hoisting it excessively inside the air and seeing it dangle round correctly, pin-high, leaving some 20 ft from the appropriate fringe. Charlie performs subsequent with a clear strike that tracks in direction of the flag and settles safely on the inexperienced, 15 ft beneath the outlet.

Charlie putts first and misses merely on the left side, buckling his knees as a result of the ball rolls earlier to the outlet. Tiger wouldn’t miss a beat; the ball begins left and turns correctly in direction of the center of the cup. It drops inside the heart for yet one more Crew Woods birdie, as Charlie raises his fist with approval.

The workforce is now 6-under all through its last 5 holes, after a comparatively “sluggish” 1-under start via 3.

Crew Woods 7-under through 8

Hole 7 (par 4, 363/329 yards)

This temporary par 4 yielded a mid-range birdie attempt for Crew Woods, heating up after a birdie-eagle-birdie stretch on holes 4-6.

Charlie surveyed the scene on a 15-foot birdie attempt, having fun with barely up the hill, and delivered an assured stroke. “Good putt, Charlie,” exclaimed his dad, with the ball nonetheless 6 ft out. The ball tracked in direction of the cup and dropped on the left side. Charlie raised his putter, as did Tiger, who provided a head pat of appreciation to commemorate the second.

“Welcome to the Father-Son, Charlie,” quips having fun with confederate Justin Thomas as they head to the eighth tee.

Crew Woods 6-under through 7

Hole 6 (par 4, 422/380 yards)

Having fun with their technique from mild powerful, merely 69 yards from the outlet, Charlie performs an extreme, tender wedge that lands inside inches of the cup and releases some 20 ft earlier. Tiger performs subsequently, electing to position his ball inside the pine straw for improved spin administration to an entrance hole location; constructive enough, the ball lands 10 ft earlier and sucks once more to go away a short-range birdie attempt.

Charlie performs first on the 8-foot birdie attempt, and it tracks in direction of the outlet nevertheless burns the sting. Tiger, perpetually a pupil of the game, delivers on the prepare with a perfectly judged left-to-right slider, as a result of the ball drops within the appropriate side of the cup. Birdie for Crew Woods to take care of tempo with the sphere.

Crew Woods 5-under through 6

Hole 5 (par 5, 558/528 yards)

Tiger performs first with a young cut back driver that begins up the left side and fades once more into the center of the inexperienced.

Charlie pulls the motive force and backs off upon starting his preliminary downswing. “We’ve seen that switch sooner than,” quips the printed workforce. “It’s inside the genes,” remarks Peter Jacobsen.

Charlie recalibrates nevertheless immediately drops the membership upon impact and loses his steadiness, virtually falling to the underside.

Having fun with dad’s drive, Charlie selects a fairway picket off the deck, 229 yards out. He performs an extreme fade that reaches the doorway of the inexperienced, leaving 40 ft for the eagle. Tiger moreover performs a fade and stares it down, the ball landing on the inexperienced hole-high and funneling into the inexperienced wonderful of the inexperienced, some 30 ft away. It makes for an intriguing decision regarding which ball to select.

Crew Woods opts for Tiger’s shot, leaving a short chip shot for an eagle, having fun with from barely beneath the outlet. Charlie stubs his chip, the ball barely reaching the inserting ground, upsetting a remark of dismay.

His dad makes quick amends, though. Tiger judges the chip to perfection as a result of the ball lands merely on the inserting ground, checks, and releases into the outlet. Eagle for Crew Woods, as Tiger and Charlie ever pump their fist. Tiger raises his putter to a roaring crowd, and the duo shares a smiling fist bump.

Crew Woods 4-under through 5

Hole 4 (par 3, 182/147 yards)

Tiger performs first and selects a 7-iron. He stares it down; the ball hangs wonderful to go away some 25 ft for birdie up the hill. Charlie performs subsequently with a three-quarter motion on a short iron; the ball settles inside the fringe short-left, some 40 ft from the outlet. Tiger’s shot can be the play.

Charlie’s birdie attempt is on-line nevertheless settles just some inches briefly, correct inside the jaws. Tiger performs subsequently with a prepare from his son, and he takes profit, the ball monitoring with good tempo and dropping inside the coronary heart of the cup. Charlie raises his putter in appreciation.

Crew Woods 2-under through 4

Hole 3 (par 5, 529/510 yards)

Charlie hits his drive and immediately grabs behind his left ankle upon impact. The youthful Woods reportedly injured his ankle whereas hitting balls earlier this week.

Having fun with off Charlie’s drive short-right, Tiger calls “Fore left” upon hitting his second shot. Within the meantime, having fun with confederate Mike Thomas hits the motive force off the deck for his second.

Crew Woods faces a 55-yard third shot from pine straw left of the inexperienced. Charlie performs first and hits a punch wedge that sails some 30 ft over the inexperienced. Tiger performs it protected with a managed punch that settles safely on the inexperienced, 20 ft in want of the outlet.

Charlie’s birdie attempt tails wonderful; he removes his hat in dismay, placing it over his eyes. Tiger supplies his birdie attempt an aggressive rap nevertheless hits it via the break as a result of the ball misses on the left side and rolls some 5 ft earlier. Charlie has no hassle, though, cleaning up the par.

Crew Woods 1-under through 3

Hole 2 (par 4, 410/380 yards)

Tiger and Charlie break up the inexperienced, leaving a short-iron technique for the inexperienced. Charlie stuffs his technique inside Eight ft; drawing cheers and a fist-bump from his dad.

Charlie proceeds to empty the 4-footer for birdie, matching Justin Thomas’ 15-foot birdie from moments sooner than.

Justin Leonard and his son Luke have raced to a 7-under start via 7 holes, which suggests birdies in bunches could be necessary to have the ability to maintain throughout the lead.

Crew Woods 1-under through 2

Hole 1 (par 4, 395/380 yards)

Tiger and Charlie take the tee, sporting matching pink-and-red shirts and black trousers. They’re paired alongside shut family associates Justin and Mike Thomas, who gained the 2020 PNC Championship and proceeded to point up on the Woods household on Christmas Day sporting the event’s champion belt buckles. This time spherical, Tiger and Charlie’s objective in order so as to add this gear to their trip attire.

Crew Woods selects Charlie’s drive from the appropriate side of the inexperienced. Tiger performs a wedge technique to the appropriate fringe, whereas Charlie’s technique settles the left of the right-tucked flag.

Every gamer misses the 18-foot birdie attempt up the hill, and the workforce settles for a spot par.

Crew Woods even through 1